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What is Sync?


Synchronization is a service that backs up your journal data to your private Cloud storage (Google Drive or iCloud). It allows you to have access to your journal on multiple devices (where you signed in with the same account). Plus, you can restore your data if there is a problem with your device.



Do you have access to my journal entries?


All of your journal data is stored in your private cloud space (either Google Drive or iCloud). This means that only you can access your information. The Brightway team cannot access or read your journal data in the cloud.


What if I don't use the Sync?


If Sync is disabled, your data will no longer be automatically backed up to the cloud servers, and it won’t be available on other devices where you use the Brightway app. In this case, you can only store your data locally on your device.


Please note that if you delete the Brightway app or anything happens to your device, you will then lose all of your journal data.


For this reason, we advise you to keep automatic sync turned on – so your data always stays safe and you don’t forget to save it. Alternatively, we recommend you to make regular manual backups on your phone using the export option (see ‘Export & Import’ in Settings).

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